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Dr. Reddy’s professional excellence, social commitment, humility, integrity and generosity have made him a role model in the medical community. As a leading oncologist in India, he is a beacon of hope for the sick and downtrodden, healing those in pain and transforming lives.

With Dr. Reddy at the helm, Apollo Cancer Hospital has become known for its scientific innovation, cutting edge technology and boundless empathy. His inspiring leadership has created a team of exceptional doctors guided by the multidisciplinary tumor board, with high cure rates comparable to the top cancer centers in the world.

Dr. Reddy’s patient-centric cancer treatment has made him one of the most preferred cancer specialists globally. Having successfully treated than 1000 foreign patients from Oman, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kenya and Tanzania, he is one of the best oncologists in India.

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